Proficiency Award 2 in Nutritional Science

Proficiency Award 2 in Nutritional Science

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Proficiency Award 2 in Nutritional Science

Are you interested in biology and nutrition?
What really happens to the food you eat?

Study Nutritional Science with us and you will learn about how the body works to break down the foods you eat by looking at extensive biochemical processes such as metabolism.

Graduate Employment Possibilities

The food that people eat, and how it is eaten, may be influenced by a wide range of vocations, for example:

  • Health food shop sales staff

  • Food Supplement Suppliers (both factories that produce supplements and people who wholesale, or directly distribute supplements)

  • Primary producers

  • Food Retailers

  • Food Processors

  • Food Service Industries (Restaurant managers, cooks, etc)

  • Fitness professionals

  • Health & Wellbeing Professionals (eg. Doctors, Naturopaths, Massage therapists, Counsellors etc)

  • Nutritional Counsellors

  • Dieticians

  • Nutrition Scientists

The nutrition and food industries are changing all the time. Opportunities that exist when you commence study may be different to those when you graduate. The list above will provide an insight into where your career might take you; but in reality, the future holds opportunities that none of us have even dreamt of as yet.

Core Modules:    These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Proficiency Award 2 in Nutritional Science .

  •      Biochemistry I (Animal and Human) BSC103
  •      Cell Biology BSC110
  •      Human Anatomy & Physiology (Human Biology 1A) BSC101
  •      Human Nutrition I BRE102
  •      Workshop I BGN103
  •      Biochemistry II (Plant & Animal) BSC203
  •      Human Nutrition II BRE202
  •      Human Nutrition III BRE302

Stream Modules:    Studied after the core modules, stream modules cover more specific or niche subjects.

  •      Nutrition for Weight Loss BRE210
  •      Therapeutic Nutrition BRE211
  •      Children's Nutrition BRE304

Elective Modules:  
 In addition to the core modules, students study any 4 of the following 9 modules.

  •      Research Project I BGN102
  •      Self Sufficiency II ASS101
  •      Bioenergetics (Human Biology IB) BSC201
  •      Food Preparation - Foundations of Cooking BRE212
  •      Research Project II BGN201
  •      Biochemistry III (Animal Processes) BSC303
  •      Sports Nutrition BRE303
  •      Statistics BSC304
  •      Weight Loss Consultant BRE307

Note that each module in the Proficiency Award 2 in Nutritional Science is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

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