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Advanced Permaculture

Advanced Permaculture BHT301

Apocalyptic Preparedness 101

In 2015, Swedish researchers in collaboration with Oxford University published a report that outlined 12 global risks that had the potential to be the end of human civilisation or life as we know it within the next 100 years. What are these risks, and how likely are they really?


Aquaculture BAG211

Botany I Introductory

Study the Science of Plants.The course contains the basis of plant science, and is an introduction to plant physiology and taxonomy, covering general botany including morphology and anatomy.

Carnivore Zoology

Carnivore Zoology

Conservation and Environmental Management

Conservation and Environmental Management BEN201

Earth Science

Earth Science BEN204

Introduction to Ecology

Introduction to Ecology course- study ecology online by distance learning

Certificate in Environmental and Animal Studies

Environmental and Animal Studies

Environmental Assessment

Learn to prepare Environmental Assessments of all kinds. Work in this area has expanded greatly in recent decades, and when combined with a knowledge of plant or animal identification and ecology

Certificate in Environmental Management

Certificate in Environmental Management VPS021

Proficiency Award 2 in Environmental Management

Proficiency Award 2 In Environmental Management VEN006

Specialist Award in Environmental Management

Specialist Award In Environmental Management VEN001

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies VEN100

Certificate in Environmental Studies

Certificate In Environmental Studies VEN002

Proficiency Award 4 in Environmental Studies

This flexible and unique course offers you the best of our environmental courses and the practicability of business, photography and research.

Certificate in Environmental Sustainability

Certificate in Environmental Sustainability VEN013

Environmental Waste Management

Environmental Waste Management BEN202

Healthy Buildings I Building Construction and Health

Healthy Buildings I Building Construction and Health BSS200

Healthy Buildings II (Building Environment and Health)

Healthy Buildings II (Building Environment and Health) BSS300


Herpetology BEN209

Certificate in Horticulture (Nature Park Management)

The Certificate in Horticulture (nature park management) is a vocationally oriented and IARC accredited course comprising both studies in both general horticulture and in nature park management.

Certificate in Horticulture (Permaculture)

This course was developed for people working or wishing to work in Horticulture with a particular emphasis on the design, development and management of productive natural garden systems. The course was developed in liaison with both the Permaculture Institute and the Queensland Rural Training Council.

Invertebrate Animals

Invertebrate Animals

Marine Studies I

Marine Studies I

Marine Studies II

This course follows on from Marine studies I, extending your knowledge of a wide variety of marine organisms. It works through many types of marine organisms, focusing mostly on those not covered as thoroughly in Marine Studies I (This includes: Protists, Sponges, Marine plants, Cnidarians, Worms, Arthropods, Molluscs, Echinoderms, Non Bony Fish, Selected Bony Fish and selected Marine Mammals).

Certificate in Marine Studies

This course covers topics such as marine studies I & II, Earth Science and allows the student to investigate areas of special interest to them via research projects.

Nature Park Management I

Professional Development for people working in parks management, land rehabilitation, conservation or related industries. This course is equally valuable for people wishing to work in nature parks and reserves, in managerial or technical positions.

Nature Park Management II

Nature Park Management II

Organic Plant Culture

Organic Plant Culture BHT302


Our Ornithology & Birdlife course caters to the professional and amateur ornithologists. Get your FREE Ornithology Course Info Pack today.

Proficiency Award 2 in Parks Management

Proficiency Award 2 in Parks Management

Certificate in Permaculture Consulting

Certificate In Permaculture Consulting VHT037

Permaculture IV

Permaculture IV VSS107

Plant Conservation

Learn how to protect threatened plant species.

Plant Ecology

Plant Ecosystems, Plants in the environment, botany, distance learning,Study online



Proficiency Award 4 in Horticulture (Parks And Recreation)

Would you like to care and manage parks, natural parks, holiday and recreation resort facilities? Then this is the course to do. This course provides training for people to work in the management and development of recreation and park facilities and services. It is relevant to all types of situations including municipal parks, national parks, tourist parks, commercial landscapes, resorts, etc.

Renewable Energy

GAIN AN UNDERSTANDING OF ELECTRICITY AND ALTERNATIVE ENERGYLearn to become less reliant on the electricity and gas companies and save money through alternative energy sources.

Self Sufficiency I

Self Sufficiency I

Self Sufficiency II

Self Sufficiency II

Certificate In Self Sufficiency

Our Self Sufficiency courses provide an exciting learning experience while providing you with the skills to develop a master site plan not only for yourself, but your clients as well.

Vertebrate Zoology

Vertebrate Zoology

Water Conservation And Management

Water Conservation And Management

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation

Certificate in Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Management

Wildlife Management

Certificate in Wildlife Management

Certificate In Wildlife Management VEN003

Proficiency Award 2 in Wildlife Management

Proficiency Award 2 in Wildlife Management

Zoo Keeping

Gain the foundation knowledge and skills you will need to start your career in captive animal management. This course is suitable for those already working with captive animals or those wishing to gain entry into this competitive area.

Advanced Certificate in Zoo Keeping

Advanced Certificate in Zoo Keeping VEN023

Certificate in Zoo Keeping

Certificate in Zoo Keeping VEN022

Environment & Wildlife

A career in environment and wildlife sciences can help you identify the vital processes that keep both plants and animals healthy and thriving in their natural habitat. You will learn how to protect and conserve all species as they flourish both in zoos and wildlife preserves, helping you find the job of your dreams in one of many environment and wildlife protection organisations.

Australia concentrates some of the world's most unique species of plants and animals, making it the perfect location for environmentalists and wildlife experts, and now you can join their ranks by taking the required courses in one of the many specialties Learning Cloud can offer.

Here is a multimedia lesson used throughout some of our Environment & Wildlife courses online.  We hope that it will provide you with a little insight into what you can expect from each module of your desired learning program:

Learning about plants and animals native to Australia is the perfect way to manage potentially harmful threats that are imported from abroad in many different ways, as well as determine the actions that need to be carried out to prevent the extinction or eradication of protected species.

Learning about wildlife and the resources they consume, will allow you to assist in the management of different aspects of their reproduction and growth, together with the planning and design of protected areas where individual species can thrive and fulfil their natural cycle.

Some jobs available to those with a diploma in online environment and wildlife sciences are as zoo keepers, plant and animal health inspectors, naturalists, environmentalists, and much more, and Learning Cloud has the course you need to set out on the path of excellence and the job of your dreams.

At Learning Cloud we will take your love for the environment and light a passionate fire that will allow you to perform at the highest level in the care of plants and animals. We will provide an enthusiastic environment where we will propel your thirst for knowledge and bring out your natural talents to achieve the drive you require to excel in a field that is as vast as the Australian Outback.

The teaching methods we apply at Learning Cloud are in no way similar to those of traditional schools, where boring lectures and dull teachers can make learning an arduous experience. We are enthusiastic and as passionate about our courses as you are, and we strive to make your learning experience one you will never forget.

Our course trainers are highly zealous and they will teach you how to question everything you read. They will push you and inspire you to maintain your motivation with every step you take. The structure and status quo of traditional learning has been left behind and we will take you into the future by showing you how to eliminate all the distractions blocking your way and staying focused on your goals and your dreams.

Learning Cloud is all about absorbing a new manner of achieving your goals, we teach you how to think big, how to assume the responsibility of your success, and above all to say Yes I Can! In such a manner that when your courses are finally complete, we are absolutely certain that job offerings will come looking for you instead of the other way around. Because learning is not a tedious chore any longer, Learning Cloud is the best road for you! 


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