Plant Ecology

Plant Ecology

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Plant Ecosystems, Plants in the environment, botany, distance learning,Study online

Introductory Ecology Definitions for ecology, ecosystems Constituents of an ecosystem Ecological concepts Interrelationships between climate, soil and living things (consumers, decomposers) The food web Habitat and niche Biomes Terminology Plant Communities Open and closed plant communities Habitat types Location and characteristics of biomes Semi natural vegetation Competition Succession of plant communities Community stability and equilibrium Environmental stress Edge effectsTerminology Plants and their Environment Development, structure and function Plant modifications: functional adaptions Environmental factors: light, temperature, fires, wind Monitoring abiotic factors Introduction to Environmental assessment Pre purchase inspection of a site Background data Flora and fauna surveys Open space management plans Compliance with lisencing conditions Detection of pollutants Use of plants Remediation of a polluted site Plants, Soils and Climate Natural conditions andplants distribution Climate classification Examples: climate in the UK, climate in New Zealand Meteorological data Plant distribution Geographic location Rainfall Evapouration Effective rainfall Circulation features The walker circulation Southern oscillation El nino La Nina GAIA theory Carbon dioxide cycle Wind descriptions Soil problems Erosion Salinity Soil structure decline and soil compaction Soil acidification Build up of dangerous chemicals Plant Adaptations to Extreme Environments Ecological groups of plants: hydrophyte, xerophyte, mesophyte, halophyte Xeromorphy Common environmental problems when growing plants: foliage burn, pollution, lack of water, frost, shade, humidity, temperature, wind, etc Desert landscapes Xeriscapes Coastal gardens Water plant environments Greenhouse plants Manipulating Plant Environments Controlling environmental conditions Tolerance levels for different plants Matching plants with their environment Managing light Managing water Protective structures Windbreaks Tree guards Environmental Conservation Water pollution Soil pollution Atmospheric pollution Effects of horticulture Pesticides Fertilisers Deforestation problemsLoss of agricultural land Loss of biodiversity Environmental weeds The greenhouse effect Other environmental problems affecting plant communities Greenhouse gases Ozone depletion Introduction to recycling Environmental Organisations, Assessment and Funding Plant conservation Conservation of individual species Conservation organisations Conservation funding

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