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Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer

Advanced Skills for the Practical Trainer

Introduction to Algebra

Develop a rich understanding of math while you study algebra in a relaxed and supportive environment. This course emphasizes practical math applications of your new algebra skills to help you learn math reasoning in a real-world context and discover solutions to almost any math problem.

Alternative Education

Alternative Education, Innovative School, Learning Management course

Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Instructional & Training Skills)

Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Instructional & Training Skills) VBS001

Beginning Conversational French

Proper pronunciation is essential for excellent communication. So, whether you intend to travel abroad or simply want to learn a fun new skill, the Beginning Conversational French course will help you master the basics of French pronunciation.

The first lesson introduces the basics needed for conversations and pronunciation. You will then learn conversation lessons to navigate transportation and talk to hotel and restaurant staff. From numbers to currency and communication and more, upon course completion, you will be ready to apply your new skills in the real world.

The entire course includes cultural tips for traveling in France and introduces unique aspects of other French-speaking countries. The lessons also provide audio examples of pronunciation and vocabulary words that are written out phonetically.

Certificate in Te Reo

An amazing new online course for learning the Māori language in 12 months, from lower beginner to intermediate level.

Certificate in Te Reo II

An amazing new online course for learning the Māori language in 12 months, from lower beginner to intermediate level.

Certificate in Te Reo III

An amazing new online course for learning the Māori language in 12 months, from lower beginner to intermediate level.

Certificate in Te Reo IV

An amazing online course for learning the Māori language. This is part IV, which follows on from lower beginner, upper beginner and intermediate in part I - part III. Students are required to have completed part I - part III (or equivalent) prior to enrolment in part IV.

Classroom Delivery Skills

Classroom Delivery Skills BGN106

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring

Common Core Standards for English Language Arts K-5

Gain confidence in applying Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts in K-5 classrooms. This course will provide you with easy-to-use, practical examples aligned with lessons that you can begin using immediately in your own classroom to teach Common Core Standards.

Counselling Children

Learn to be sensitive to the needs of children, and more capable of interacting in a positive way with children during therapy. Review different approaches for helping children with internalising and externalising problems. Add to your counselling skills.

Course Writing and Development

Course Writing and Development BGN107

Creating a Classroom Web Site

Get a teaching tool that will help you become a more modern, effective and dynamic teacher. This easy-to-understand course will help build a published classroom website complete with content, images, links, and a blog.

Conversational Japanese

Prepare for your next trip to Japan by learning the basics of conversational Japanese. This course will provide you with useful words and phrases for conversing as you master the essentials of the Japanese language.

Creating Classroom Centers

Discover how easy and effective classroom centers can really be. This course introduces a simple system for creating a center schedule and shepherding students through the process. You will see what makes a truly successful center, what pitfalls to avoid, and gain tips for keeping your planning to a minimum. You will also learn strategies for managing students who finish early and discover how a regular center routine can increase your small-group instruction opportunities each day.

Creating the Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Success

Understand how to reach the diverse mix of students you face every day with strategies that turn diversity into opportunity. This course provides creative, low-budget strategies for making your inclusive classroom a nurturing, supportive learning environment that helps every student.

Delivering Distance Education

Delivering Distance Education BGN108

Developing Your Training Program

Developing Your Training Program

Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology BPS210

Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

Discover 10 practical Differentiated Instruction strategies, including interest centers, and flexible grouping that will meet the needs of the diverse learners in your class. This course packs real-world examples into every lesson that will help you immediately put these strategies to use in your own classroom.

Differentiating K-12 Assessments

Learn effective strategies for differentiating assessments and empowering every student in your class to feel success. This course explores strategies and real-life examples of how differentiated assessment provides direction for improvement, promotes confidence, and motivates your learners to do their best.

Disability Awareness Training

Disability Awareness Training


Dissertation BHT330

Diversity Training - Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity Training - Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

Drawing for the Absolute Beginner

Gain a solid foundation in the basics of drawing to become the artist you've always wanted to be. This course will help you become familiar with paper type, drawing styles, techniques, and basic principles of perspective, layout and design.

Educational Psychology

Learn the underlying principles of educational psychology, to understand how people learn; studying online or using printed notes, by distance education.

Empowering Students With Disabilities

Discover the tools you need to help any student who comes through your door. This course provides tips for fostering the reading, writing, and math skills of students with special needs and techniques for helping these learners behave appropriately and make friends in your classroom.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Improve your English skills with Learning Cloud by Studing ESL Writing Fundamentals by distance education. Study at home, by distance education or online.

Enhancing Language Development in Childhood

Help your children become proficient speakers and thinkers. This course provides ways to stimulate your child's continued speech, brain, and language development in enjoyable, age-appropriate, and natural ways.

Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Skills

Get Assertive!

Learn specific techniques to become more assertive in all types of situations, with all types of people, and in all aspects of your life. This course will empower you to be more assertive and includes specific techniques for dealing with people who intimidate or disrespect you.

GMAT Preparation

Improve your score and save time on all GMAT question types. This course helps you learn test-taking techniques as you practice on actual GMAT tests from previous years, which is the best way to prepare for any standardized test.

Grammar for ESL

Prepare for mainstream English classes as a non-native speaker. This course is designed as an in-depth analysis of English grammar for intermediate to advanced English as Second Language college students.

GRE Preparation - Part 1 (Verbal and Analytical)

Learn about questions on the verbal reasoning and analytical writing sections of the GRE, including reading comprehension, text completion, sentence equivalence questions, and both essay tasks. This course also provides pointers on time management, anxiety, scoring, and standardized test taking.

GRE Preparation - Part 2 (Quantitative)

Prepare to excel on the GRE with a math review. This course provides techniques for tackling the quantitative comparison, data interpretation, and standard math questions that make up the quantitative reasoning sections, as well as how to tackle the GRE's unique new question formats.

Guided Reading and Writing: Strategies for Maximum Student Achievement

Gain a classroom full of students who can negotiate increasingly challenging texts with unprecedented fluency. This class provides differentiated instruction tactics to better understand how your students learn and how to apply those tactics within the guided reading framework.

Guided Reading: Strategies for the Differentiated Classroom

Lead your students through new creative ways of approaching increasingly challenging texts. This course will help you discover how to build a balanced literary framework that gets results with even the most challenged learners.

Introduction to Guitar

Master basic guitar skills and become the musician you've always wanted to be.

Homeschool With Success

Discover how to homeschool your children in a way that ensures they get what they need both academically and socially. This course offers a lot of information and guidance to plot your homeschooling course for years to come.

Instant Italian

Learn to express yourself comfortably in Italian. You'll be surprised how quickly and easily you are able to learn Italian in this course, which provides knowledge of practical, everyday words and phrases you are likely to hear if you vacation in Italy.

Instructional Skills

Instructional Skills

Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Discover simple ways to integrate technology in your classroom to enhance the material and meet Common Core standards and other course goals. This course provides ways to integrate technology across the curriculum with tools that will engage auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners.

Math Refresher

Learn how to use math to your advantage in everyday life. The lessons in this course are filled with practical exercises and information that you can put to immediate use.

Microsoft Excel 2010 in the Classroom

Specially designed for teachers, this course will help you master Microsoft Excel 2010 and teach Excel skills to your students.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 in the Classroom

Learn how to motivate students and enrich your lessons by bringing Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 into your classroom.

Microsoft PowerPoint in the Classroom

In this course for teachers, you'll learn how to motivate students and enrich lessons by bringing Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 presentations into your classroom.

Microsoft Word 2007 in the Classroom

Harness the power of the most popular word processing program on the market and become a more productive and creative teacher.

Microsoft Word 2010 in the Classroom

Master Microsoft Word 2010 and get the training you need to use and teach this powerful program effectively in the classroom.

Music Made Easy

Gain complete understanding of rhythm, melody, and harmony and recognize pitches on the musical staff and keyboard. By the end of this course, you'll be able to read, write, and even play simple pieces of music!

Play Therapy

Study Play Therapy Online. Learn the theory and applications for all ages, as a therapy for anxiety, depression, physical rehabilitation, behavioural, developmental, social disorders, and more.

Praxis I Preparation

Become familiar with the types of questions found on the Praxis Core Exam, prepare for essays that will score high, master math reasoning, learn useful test taking strategies, and do it all in a fun and interesting way. This course will help you get ready to pass the Praxis Core Exam.

Prenatal & Postnatal YTTC

The intention of this 25 hour prenatal and postnatal teacher training course is to give you more tools to support and empower your students during and after pregnancy in both a group and private settings.

Prepare for the GED Math Test

Review basic math skills and apply your knowledge by practicing with the same kinds of questions you may find on the test. This course will help you master the skills required to pass the Mathematics Reasoning module of the GED Math Test.

Prepare for the GED Test

Discover the areas you need to work on in order to pass the GED Test. This course will help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses in all four areas of the GED, so that you can focus your studying on the areas you need most.

Ready, Set, Read!

Learn how a child becomes literate from the moment of birth. This course allows you to explore the development of reading and writing from infancy to early school years as you discover what problems to look for and how to assist struggling young readers.

Response to Intervention: Reading Strategies That Work

Discover reading strategies that work without the need for special pull-outs or extra attention. This course will introduce you to some creative tools that will help your struggling readers make steady progress throughout the school year.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Certification

In this course, you’ll learn straightforward techniques to practice and teach Restorative
Yoga, how to set up your class and share this practice with others.

SAT/ACT Preparation - Part 1

Enhancing your performance on both the SAT/ACT is instrumental in determining your choice of college. This course will prepare you for specific types of questions in Reading, English and Science and give you pointers on time management, anxiety relief, scoring and general standardize test-taking.

SAT/ACT Preparation - Part 2

Gain all the information you need to do well on the math portion of the ACT and new SAT. This course will provide you with a complete review of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and basic math skills, and teach useful tips to manage your time wisely.

Self Development Bundle

Learning Cloud have created a bundle of courses with the goal of helping students build their confidence in their abilities for their personal and professional life.

Solving Classroom Discipline Problems

Enjoy a more peaceful, orderly classroom that is free of common discipline problems. This course provides a step-by-step approach to effective, positive classroom discipline, and it's continually rated by teachers as one of the most valuable they've ever taken.

Solving Classroom Discipline Problems II

Gain the teacher training you need to deal effectively with serious discipline problems and help even the most challenging students make more responsible choices. This course offers a step-by-step approach to discipline and numerous real-life examples clearly showing you how to put the ideas into action.

Spanish for Law Enforcement

Communicate more effectively with the Spanish-speakers around you, and add a valuable skill to your resume. This course will help you master basic Spanish and gain more power handling situations that involve Spanish-speaking victims, witnesses, or criminals.

Spanish for Medical Professionals

Prepare for any situation by bridging the communication gap between you, your patients, and worried family members. This course provides knowledge of basic medical phrases to help you better communicate with the Spanish-speaking community.

Spanish in the Classroom

Bridge the communication gap between you, your Spanish-speaking students and parents with essential Spanish for teachers. This course starts with Spanish basics and provides survival phrases for parent-teacher conferences so that you can discuss progress, deal with academic and behavior problems, and provide grades and homework.

Speed Spanish

Learn six easy recipes to glue Spanish words together into sentences, and you'll be engaging in conversational Spanish in no time.

Speed Spanish II

Become more conversational and comfortable in Spanish–speaking situations. This course will immediately improve your Spanish fluency by covering a variety of important words and teaching you to pronounce them properly.

Speed Spanish III

Master the ability to speak, understand, and read Spanish by taking this final installment in Speed Spanish. This course will help you learn the final six recipes that will serve as templates for creating any Spanish sentence.

Survival Kit for New Teachers

Learn the keys to success from an experienced educator so you can thrive as a classroom teacher. This course is designed to help teachers build motivational classrooms, reach diverse learners, write engaging lesson plans, communicate clearly, and keep stress at bay.

Teaching Adult Learners

Learn the most powerful techniques for reaching and motivating adult learners. This course will teach you the latest and greatest educational methods to create the perfect student-centered classroom.

Teaching High School Students

Learn the latest teaching strategies and techniques for helping secondary students achieve their dreams. This course will teach you how to differentiate instruction, manage a classroom, develop assessment strategies, gain parental support, and teach social-emotional skills that will help your students succeed in school and in life.

Teaching Math: Grades 4-6

Learn how to reinvent math instruction for grades 4-6. This course will show you how to get the students in your classroom excited about math through hands-on learning, inexpensive manipulatives, and real-world connections.

Teaching Preschool: A Year of Inspiring Lessons

Learn how to develop creative and balanced preschool lesson plans for every month of the school year. This course will equip you with a solid lesson plan template, plus over 100 engaging and interchangeable activities for circle-discussion, art, literacy, motor skills, science, and music.

Teaching Science: Grades 4-6

Learn how to increase your effectiveness as a science teacher for the middle grades. This course will equip you with engaging experiments, practical worksheets, winning lesson plans, and direct instruction methods you can use immediately in your own classroom.

Teaching Smarter With SMART Boards

Learn the unique and varied teaching applications of SMART technology. This course will help you master the use of SMART Board and SMART Notebook technology to create powerful, interactive lessons.

Teaching Students With ADHD

Learn the simple and practical steps you can take to help children with ADHD thrive in their school environment. This course will teach you how classroom space, structure, rules, and expectations can be adapted to suit the needs of students with ADHD and help them manage their own behavior.

Teaching Students With Autism: Strategies for Success

Learn how to help your students with high-functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome unlock their full learning potential. This course will help you develop the knowledge and strategies you will need to ensure your students with autism succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Teaching Students With Learning Disabilities

Learn how to meet the diverse needs of students with disabilities in your classroom through easy, practical, and creative strategies developed by an experienced special educator. This course explores the total special education process and help you understand and empower your special needs students.

Teaching Writing: Grades 4-6

Learn how to motivate and facilitate developing writers from an experienced educator. This course provides an overview of the writing basics and demonstrate how to organize materials and lessons to establish an inviting and supportive writing environment for middle grade students.

Teaching Writing: Grades K-3

Learn how to nurture student writers in the early elementary classroom and teach them skills that will be useful for a lifetime. This course examines the developmental stages of writing and show you how to foster your students' skills and growth as young authors.

Certificate in Teaching

Certificate in Teaching VGN004

The Creative Classroom

Learn how to use creativity as a powerful engagement tool in the classroom, regardless of what subject you teach. This course provides new approaches to field trips, learning labs, exercises, and evaluation methods that will challenge and motivate your students to become creative thinkers.

The Differentiated Instruction and Response to Intervention Connection

Learn how to combine two powerful educational approaches so you can enable every student in your classroom to succeed. This course shows you how to use Differentiated Instruction and Response to Intervention in your day-to-day classroom teaching and lesson planning.

Understanding Adolescents

Uncover the secrets of the adolescent mind. This course provides valuable information on how adolescents feel, how their identities develop, and how you can best meet their needs.

Using the Internet in the Classroom

Learn how to use the Internet to make teaching easier for you and more relevant to your students. This course will teach you how to help your students locate valuable resources, improve classroom discussions, and safeguard personal information online.

Yin Yoga

This Yin Yoga course will support you in finding the balance between Yin and Yang both on and off the mat. It offers all the benefits of online instruction: convenience, flexibility and economical – without sacrificing the personal touch of in-studio training.

Yoga Anatomy

In this course, you’ll learn all the tools to understand your body and how it moves. By the end of the course, you’ll know all the main muscles and joints in the body and will be able to assess why you can or cannot go further in a posture during your yoga practice.
You’ll discover deeper aspects of the yoga practice such as how having a yoga practice can impact the wellbeing of your nervous system.

Yoga Philosophy

Are you considering embarking on a journey to become a yoga teacher but have limited or no knowledge in yogic philosophy? Perhaps you have already completed your 200-hour TTC and felt you only just touched the surface on all that encompasses this broadterm? Are you ready to take your practice and your teaching to the next level by learning how to incorporate these teachings?

Yoga Training Certification

Are you considering embarking on a journey to become a yoga teacher? Do you wish to deepen your yoga practice, learn how to teach safely and have knowledge of anatomy, philosophy, yoga history and more? 

Education, Training & Teaching

It takes a very special person to become a teacher and get involved in online education. It's such an important job, when you think about it. You are given the huge responsibility of taking care of someone's most prized possessions, their child.  Many teachers spend more time with the kids than the actual parents spend.  If that doesn't talk you out of wanting to be in online education, then you are on the right career path.

One of the biggest questions you will probably ask yourself when deciding to enter the education field is "Where do I get experience? How will I learn what I need to know?" This can be a scary experience, but don't fret. There's an easy answer for your questions. The answer is Learning Cloud. In this fun and exciting learning environment you will be able to foster your love of teaching and learning. There are so many different options when it comes to being an educator. You may be concerned that you aren't sure what type of teacher you want to be. That's the beauty of Learning Cloud. You get to experience all of the different types and styles. You aren't going to be locked into wiping noses for toddlers in an early education setting if you find that is not where your true passion is.

Here is a multimedia lesson used throughout some of our Education modules.  We hope that it will provide you with a little insight into what you can expect from each module of your desired learning program:

You may be wondering what Learning Cloud has to offer you. To begin with, experienced staff members who have the goal of your success in mind. They are ready, willing, and able to prepare you to enter a classroom of your own where you will become one of the best possible educators. Their idea of success is your success. Where else can you find such a dedicated staff of teachers?

Now it's time to decide what you want to teach. Perhaps you're interested in child development. You will be able to learn how to best communicate with young children so you can begin the task of their early education. This is an admirable career because this is where it all begins. Your success with a child can lead to their own personal love of school. Isn't that what every teacher considers successful? Perhaps you'd like to really get to know your students and you want to pursue Educational Psychology. Then again, maybe you have zero interest in understanding what makes a child tick. That is actually an unanswered age old question, perhaps best left unanswered. Perhaps you have a penchant for languages. At Learning Cloud, you have the ability to learn to teach ESL, or English as a Second Language. You will be able to teach foreign students this difficult to learn language so that they are more well rounded. You can teach them the basics of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation. English is said to be a very difficult language to learn. It would be very rewarding to know that you can now teach something that others have a hard time learning.

So much goes into deciding on a career path in education. Fortunately, Learning Cloud has all of the bases covered and can help you with every step you take.


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