Certificate in Permaculture Consulting

Certificate in Permaculture Consulting

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Certificate In Permaculture Consulting VHT037

This course develops very broad skills, pertaining to sustainability, but with a particular focus on permaculture.

There are many different ideas about how to be more sustainable. You will find different people promoting different concepts with great vigour and enthusiasm, and in most cases, these concepts will have something valuable to teach you. Many are quite similar in approach, often being just variations of a similar theme. Each approach will have its application; but because it worked for someone else does not necessarily mean it will work for you.

Core Modules
There are three core modules -

  • Permaculture Systems
  • Advanced Permaculture
  • Professional Practice for Consultants 

Elective Modules

You are also required to complete three of the following elective modules –

  • Classroom Delivery Skills
  • Herb Culture
  • Renewable Energy
  • Fruit Production – Temperate Climate
  • Fruit Production – Warm Climate
  • Nut Production
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Trees For Rehabilitation
  • Organic Agriculture and Farming

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