Specialist Award in Leisure Management

Specialist Award in Leisure Management

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Specialist Award in Leisure Management

  • Develop your "specialist Knowledge" to set yourself apart from others working in the leisure industry.
  • Choose modules to complement your existing experience or qualifications
  • Distinguish yourself with knowledge, skills and a qualification that is both different and beyond what others have in your industry.

Core Modules:    These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Specialist Award in Leisure Management.

  •      Industry Project BIP000
  •      Workshop I BGN103

Elective Modules:    In addition to the core modules, students study any 3 of the following 24 modules.

  •      Classroom Delivery Skills BGN106
  •      Ecotour Management BTR101
  •      Leisure Management 1 BRE103
  •      Leisure Management II BRE104
  •      Play Leadership VRE101
  •      Recreation Leadership VRE100
  •      Sports Psychology BPS106
  •      Advanced Aerobics BRE208
  •      Aquafitness BRE207
  •      Bed & Breakfast Management BTR203
  •      Bushcraft And Wilderness Activities (Survival Skills) BTR201
  •      Entrepreneurship BBS204
  •      Event Management BRE209
  •      Food Preparation - Foundations of Cooking BRE212
  •      Leisure Facility Management I BRE205
  •      Leisure Management III BRE204
  •      Playground Design BHT216
  •      Sports Turf Management BHT202
  •      Adventure Tourism BTR302
  •      Amenity Horticulture I BHT324
  •      Ecotourism Tour Guide Course BTR301
  •      Leisure Facility Management II BRE306
  •      Leisure Management IV BRE305
  •      Sports Nutrition BRE303

Note that each module in the Specialist Award in Leisure Management is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

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