Proficiency Award 1 in Health Management

Proficiency Award 1 in Health Management

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Proficiency Award 1 in Health Management VRE025

Study Health Science and Management at home!

Health support services can be as diverse as the clientele they service.

They can vary from providing physical or psychological therapy programs to operating a retirement village. Jobs in this sector can vary from being a medical practitioner or counsellor to being a physical therapist or receptionist.

Core Modules    
These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Proficiency Award 1 in Health Management.

  •      Business Operations VBS106
  •      Health & Fitness I BRE101
  •      Human Anatomy & Physiology (Human Biology 1A) BSC101
  •      Medical Terminology BSC109
  •      Life Coaching BPS305 

Elective Modules    
In addition to the core modules, students study any 5 of the following 36 modules.

  •      Anatomy II (Human) BSC112
  •      Biochemistry I (Animal and Human) BSC103
  •      Biopsychology I BPS108
  •      Cell Biology BSC110
  •      Child Psychology BPS104
  •      Counselling Skills I BPS109
  •      Fitness Risk Management VRE104
  •      Human Nutrition 1 BRE102
  •      Personnel Management VBS107
  •      Stress Management VPS100
  •      Workplace Health & Safety VBS103
  •      Aged Care and Counselling BPS212
  •      Aquafitness BRE207
  •      Biochemistry II (Plant & Animal) BSC203
  •      Bioenergetics (Human Biology IB) BSC201
  •      Biopsychology II BPS204
  •      Child and Adolescent Mental Health BPS214
  •      Counselling Techniques BPS206
  •      Ethics BPS217
  •      Family Counselling BPS213
  •      Food Preparation - Foundations of Cooking BRE212
  •      Health & Fitness II BRE201
  •      Healthy Buildings I (Building Construction & Health) BSS200
  •      Human Nutrition II BRE202
  •      Managing Mental Health in Adults BPS216
  •      Medicinal Herbs BHT227
  •      Resistance & Gym Supervision BRE206
  •      Therapeutic Nutrition BRE211
  •      Abnormal Psychology BPS307
  •      Business Coaching BBS304
  •      Children's Nutrition BRE304
  •      Health & Fitness III BRE301
  •      Healthy Buildings II (Building Environment & Health) BSS300
  •      Human Nutrition III BRE302
  •      Psychological Assessment BPS308
  •      Weight Loss Consultant BRE307

Note that each module in the Proficiency Award 1 in Health Management is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

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