Certificate in Rehabilitation

Certificate in Rehabilitation

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Certificate in Rehabilitation VRE026

Expand your skills to assist people in recovery or coping with all aspects of life following a period of illness, an injury or an ongoing disability.

Learn to support ill, elderly or otherwise skills impaired people, in a variety of ways.

Learn vital skills to help in rehabilitative services.

For some, rehabilitation is a support service that is needed to help them recover either physically or mentally from a difficult period in their life. At the end of successful rehabilitation, they may have the same abilities they originally had; and further extraordinary care may be unnecessary. In many situations though, therapy and support services may be needed not only during a recovery period; but after that on an ongoing basis to maintain a person's quality of life.

There are six modules in this course as follows:

Life Coaching

Lesson 1 Introduction: Nature and scope of life coaching 
Lesson 2 - Individual Perception 
Lesson 3 - A Well Balanced Life
Lesson 4 - Coaching Processes
Lesson 5 - Coaching Skills 
Lesson 6 - Coaching and physical well-being
Lesson 7 - Coaching and psychological well-being 
Lesson 8 - Coaching Success 
Lesson 9 -Goal Setting
Lesson 10 - Review and Adjustment

Therapeutic Nutrition

Lesson 1. Introduction to Therapeutic Nutrition
Lesson 2. Allergies and Intolerances
Lesson 3. Diabetes
Lesson 4. Heart Disease, Hyperlipidemia and Arteriosclerosis 
Lesson 5. Renal/ Kidney Conditions
Lesson 6. Cancer
Lesson 7. Digestive Disorders and Diet
Lesson 8. Other Metabolic Conditions
Lesson 9. Strategic Diet Planning

Counselling Skills I

Lesson 1. Learning Specific Skills
Lesson 2. Listening and Bonding
Lesson 3. Reflection 
Lesson 4. Questioning
Lesson 5. Interview Techniques
Lesson 6. Changing Beliefs and Normalising 
Lesson 7. Finding Solutions
Lesson 8. Ending the Counselling 

Stress Management

Lesson 1. Body Changes 
Lesson 2. Easy Living 
Lesson 3. Pills and Alcohol 
Lesson 4. Self Esteem 
Lesson 5. Managing Your Own Career 
Lesson 6. Security and Decision Making 
Lesson 7. Relaxation and Nutrition 
Lesson 8. Personality and Stress

Plus two electives chosen from the following:

  1. Fitness Risk Management
  2. Aquafitness
  3. Health and Fitness I
  4. Resistance and Gym Supervision
  5. Horticultural Therapy

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