Frontline Management

Frontline Management

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Frontline Management VBS021

This course will teach you the foundations in frontline management. You will learn practical skills to apply to your business, your role as a frontline manager, or to develop your resume to gain work in management.

There are 6 modules in this course.

You will study the following four core modules:

Personnel Management

1. Human Behaviour
2. Workplace Communications
3. Workplace Conditions
4. Controlling Operations
5. Recruitment and Induction
6. Staff Training
7. Work Teams
8. Positive Discipline
9. Grievances and Complaints
10.Monitoring and Reporting


There are ten lessons in this module also (100 hrs) as follows:
1. Introduction to Organisational structures & responsibilities.
2. Understanding the work place
3. Communications and human relations
4. Motivating employees
5. Organising the work place
6. Problem solving techniques
7. Discipline, complaints and grievances
8. Interviewing, recruitment, training.
9. Work place safety
10.Dealing with management/worker participation/ report writing/ staff meetings

Industrial Psychology

There are ten lessons in this course as follows:
1. Introduction
2. Understanding the Employees Thinking
3. Personality & Temperament
4. Psychological Testing
5. Management & Managers
6. The Work Environment
7. Motivation and Incentives
8. Recruitment
9. Social Considerations
10. Abnormalities and Disorders

Workplace Health & Safety

There are ten lessons in this module spread over 100 hours of study.
1. Introduction
2. Legislation
3. Protective Equipment
4. Handling Chemicals
5. Handling Equipment
6. Handling Objects
7. Using Computer Work Stations
8. Working Alone
9. Standards and Rules
10.Signs and Signals


In addition to the above four modules, you need to select two more from the following. 
•Business Studies
•Sales Management

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