Windows 8 -Expert Level Training

Windows 8 -Expert Level Training

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Windows 8 -Expert Level Training

This Expert-level Windows 8 training package is intended to help experienced Windows users get to know its more complex components and settings.

Section One explores different ways to customise Windows. To start, participants will learn how to add administrative icons to the Start screen and the desktop taskbar. Participants will then learn how to customise the Control Panel, desktop, display, regional settings, and mouse behavior.

Section Two is all about accessibility. All features of the Ease of Access Center are covered, including customising settings and using tools like Magnifier, On-Screen Keyboard, Narrator, and Speech Recognition.

Section Three covers maintaining and optimizing the computer. To start, participants will learn how to add and manage user accounts. Then, they will learn how to use various Windows tools to monitor system performance and perform maintenance tasks. An in-depth look at the redesigned Task Manager is also included.

Section Four focuses on hardware and software. To begin, participants will learn how to add, remove, and manage software packages. (A discussion of file associations is also included.) Then, participants will learn about using Device Manager and Disk Management to manage and modify their computer's hardware.

Section Five is about networking. All major networking features, including wireless networking, joining a domain, setting up an Internet connection, using Homegroups, mapping network drives, and using the Credential Manager, are covered.

Section Six wraps up the course with information on troubleshooting techniques. Key topics include Remote Desktop, the Action Center, the Steps Recorder, System Configuration, System Restore, and the new reset and refresh features.

After completing this Windows 8 Expert course, students will be comfortable with all of Windows 8's advanced features. 

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