Horse Breeding

Horse Breeding

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Why Breed Horses?

Apart from the obvious need to increase the number of animals, breeding is also undertaken to improve the quality of animals

By selecting (hence controlling) the mother and father of a new foal, a horse breeder can exercise a degree of control over the characteristics of a new animal.

Over time, breeding has allowed us to produce animals more suited to specific tasks: ~breeds with greater endurance so they can be ridden longer distances ~breeds that run faster, for racing ~breeds with greater strength to be used for heavier work

Lesson Structure There are 8 lessons in this course:

1.Breeding Horses 2.The Broodmare 3.The Stallion 4.Breeding Management 5.The Pregnant Mare 6.Parturition and Foaling 7.Care of the New-born Foal 8.Infertility in the Mare and Stallion Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the school, marked by the school's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.

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