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Doula Training

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Becoming a doula is a rewarding opportunity for you to support new and expectant mothers emotionally and physically before, during and after childbirth, working alongside medical professionals to be the mother’s advocate, voice and companion. Every single parent deserves this.

Course Overview

It is our job as a doula to be able to create processes and strategies for our clients to be able to identify what they value most in their birthing experience to be able to achieve an ideal outcome.

Throughout this course, we will be going through the way people think, why they think that way, and how we can help them change their thinking (if appropriate) or transmute experiences to play to their power. We will be learning incredible processes and tools to help your clients cope, transform, and transmute pain, trauma and a plethora of other things they may come up against in their birthing journeys.

We suggest if you are planning on offering doula services, before signing up you are already acquainted with at minimum: the hospital system, how it works and physiological birth before you begin offering doula services. This is an addition to people who already understand the politics of birth.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Those who are already in love with the birth space
  • Birth photographers
  • Those who wish to be an advocate for women before, during and after birth

Lesson Structure

Module 1 – Welcome

  1. Welcome intro
  2. Journaling prompt
  3. Holding space
  4. Journaling prompt

Module 1 - Trauma informed care starts with communication

  1. Introduction
  2. Steps to building rapport
  3. Reading body language
  4. Cartesian logic
  5. Ancestral trauma
  6. Journal prompt
  7. Comprehension assessment

Module 2 - Getting to the bottom of what clients really want

  1. Foundations for optimal birth experiences
  2. Ranking values
  3. Demo
  4. Repositioning values with submodalities
  5. Demo
  6. Formal audio process
  7. Comprehension assessment

Module 3 - Physiology of birth

  1. Physiology of birth with midwife Emma Nolan
  2. Optimal foetal posits
  3. Breathwork and our yoni
  4. The cascade of intervention
  5. Emergencies that can arise
  6. How to use this information
  7. Comprehension assessment

Module 4 - Autonomy isn't just physical

  1. The illusion of choice
  2. Reframing beliefs
  3. Positions
  4. Working with birth professionals and scope of practice
  5. Comprehension assessment

Module 5 - Emotions and states

  1. The anatomy of an emotion
  2. Creating a resource anchor to tap in to an emotion
  3. Collapsing and progressing anchors
  4. Comprehension assessment

Module 6 - Awareness

  1. An introduction to expanded awareness
  2. Getting in to expanded awareness
  3. Reconnecting with our yoni, mind, and body for ultimate connection
  4. Are birth plans still a thing?
  5. Comprehension assessment

Module 7 - Healing forward backwards and sideways

  1. Armouring and how to de-armour
  2. Evolving traumatic experiences into completely new experiences
  3. Emotional evolution
  4. Emotional evolution process formal audio
  5. Comprehension assessment

Module 8- Hypnosis

  1. Intro to hypnosis
  2. The different levels of trance
  3. Induction techniques
  4. Inside a state of trance
  5. Self-hypnosis
  6. Formal process of hypnosis
  7. Comprehension assessment

Module 9- Strategies

  1. Run and gun list of strategies to manage pain
  2. Chunking
  3. What is a strategy
  4. How to identify a strategy
  5. Interrupting strategies
  6. Demo
  7. Demo
  8. Comprehension assessment

Module 10- Loss

  1. How loss affects families- a story of loss with Sarah Jade
  2. Libby Moloney on what’s legal and what’s possible
  3. Being an emotional first responder

Module 11- Creating exponential change for exponential results

  1. How to create a breakthrough for your client
  2. 19 questions that will change your life
  3. The breakthrough in a day

Module 12 – What’s in your bag?

What’s in your doula bag Birth etiquette You did it! Exit exam

Further bonuses:

  • How to work with clients PDF
  • Persevering through pain and pregnancy mini course
  • Vicarious trauma meditation
  • Time Stream
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