Exposing Birth Photography

Exposing Birth Photography

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Duration 12 Months

Build a sustainable birth photography business and watch yourself and your business transform! Exposing Birth Photography is everything about being a Birth Photographer and so much more! There is substantially more to this work than just understanding how to use your camera and shoot in low light (although we cover that and editing too!).



There’s the emotional rollercoaster that you go on with your clients. The fear of not being good enough. The stress of being on call 24/7. Your whole world changes. But nothing compares to documenting the anticipation before and those precious moments after the arrival of new life. You’re telling a story, and this is a story of miracles. What we want is for a woman to feel empowered from her birth and as a birth photographer you play an integral role in how she feels. The goal is for each woman to have HER best birth, not OUR best birth. If we want to change the face of birth, we need to have a tribe of women we can trust and turn to, which is where you come in!
This is more than a technical course – this is an emotional journey. As such, we’ve created an incredible sisterhood to help you along the way.

Who is this course suitable for?

• People feeling called to birth photography through their own birth experiences
• Photographers wishing to transition into the birth space

Meet your Instructor!

Lacey is a pioneer in the birth industry, paving the way for a more inclusive, dynamic and
unapologetically raw content through visual arts. As a doula, she pushes the boundaries
of what women think they are capable of; helping them to break free of any societal
norms or standards by understanding that they are their own individual with individual
Over the last 5 years, Lacey has not only created a stir with her controversial images
promoting women’s rights, but she’s also cemented herself as one of the most talented
and outspoken birth photographers.


• Free preset download for Lightroom
• Discounted photography business app (optional)
• Private birth photography group
• Journals, camera bag checklist, IG story templates and challenges!

Course Outline

  1. Self-Care & Gratitude
    Module 1 is the foundation for your business. Built
    on gratitude and self-care, understanding your wins,
    no matter how small, so when you win big, you know
    how to show gratitude and open up for bigger wins.
  2. Physiology of Birth
    Module 2 with Emma Nolan Registered Midwife.
    Once module 2 is completed you will be competent
    in physiological birth works, what are emergencies,
    and how to navigate a surgical birth.
  3.  Gear
    Module 3 goes in depth on various kinds of gear and
    will provide you with all the information you need to
    choose the gear that is best suited for you. You will
    also be competent in the exposure triangle.
  4. Light
    Once completing module 4, you will have a clear
    understanding of physical light, how to create light,
    and what are our options for light sources.
  5. Marketing
    Module 5 with Angela Gallo
    You will learn all about how to find your ideal client,
    where they are hiding, ways you can diversify your
    offerings, and self-value. Once you complete this
    module you feel confident to charge what you need
    to charge to survive no matter how intimidating it
    might feel like.
  6. Perceptions of Birth
    In the 6th module, you will learn the emotional
    foundations of dealing with vicarious trauma,
    working through your own trauma, and unpacking
    the generational perceptions of what we were
    taught about birth.
  7. Imagery and Art
    Module 7 with Elliana Allon.
    Elliana takes us on a beautiful journey throughout
    Rome and teaches us about different art mediums
    and how that applies to us in photography. (This is
    students’ favourite module!)
  8. Working with Other Birth Professionals
    Module 8 with Ally ACM Registered Midwife. In this module, you have competency in birth etiquette when working with other birth professionals in the birth space i.e.,midwives, OB’s etc. At the end of the module, you will receive a template to use to send to OB’s that frequently gains entry into the theatre.
  9. Loss & Emergencies
    Module 9 with Libby Moloney, Wholistic Funeral Director and Educator. Libby teaches us about death literacy and how we can apply that language to our everyday lives to enable us to be ready for any situation anywhere- in or outside of birth. When you finish this module, you will feel confident walking into any birth, knowing you possess the skills needed to document and emotionally withstand anything happens in a birth space.
  10. Workflow
    Once module 10 is completed you will know your way around Lightroom, how to import, save, story, and back up your images, edit clean edits, read a histogram, and use isolated brush tools as well as colour correct galleries for consistency.
  11. Branding & Sales
    Module 10 with Kate Atkins, Atkins Pro Lab.
    Kate teaches you exactly how to pull out your brand’s quirks and
    encapsulate them into something irresistible to your ideal client.
    You’ll be able to create a unique brand that speaks to your people.
  12. Diversity
    Module 11 with Sheridon Byrne, LGBQTI+, Chinelle Rojas Birth United, Women of Colour
    After completion of module 12, you will possess the skills needed to keep your business inclusive without tokenising a certain person based on socioeconomics, race, colour, or background.
  13. Exit Portfolio
    A submission of a 20-image portfolio to be approved for certification by your tutor. This module not only is a fitting conclusion to Exposing Birth but it’s also a perfect chance to revisit where you started this journey and how far you’ve come.
  14. Bonus – Confidence With Erika Cramer
    Erika walks through cutting bullshit and how to stop people-pleasing to make sure that you are doing what you want without others permission.

Note: Lightroom is the software taught in the course and includes a specific module.
Lightroom is not a requirement for the course but is recommended for those wishing to pursue a professional birth photography business.

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