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Corporate Sales Training

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1 in 10 people are ready to buy now, so if your conversion is less than 10%, investing in sales training for staff is a must.

The introduction is the one part of any sale that can make or break your relationship. If you only ever focus on one aspect of sales, getting the introduction right means you’ll have the biggest increase on your sales with the least amount of effort.

This is but one area we cover in our sales training workshops, but integral to all your future success. Getting it right the first time has to be done within 4 seconds to create a first impression that results in conversion.

All enrolments into our corporate sales training will receive free and unlimited access to our online sales training course, ‘Sales Unveiled’ to ensure information is retained in the long-term. Education has one of the best returns on investment, and as your sales department is the main revenue generating aspect of your business, it makes sense to do it once and do it right.

That’s where we come in. With an approachable and humorous training style, we humanise the industry and ensure your staff are engaged throughout the learning process.

Before any training is undertaken, a two-hour consultation is scheduled. Jasmine will visit the business either in person or virtually, to gain an understanding on the current priorities for change and improvement and view current communication styles/scripts/objections.


Jasmine Erridge. Author, speaker, leader and international award-winning salesperson.
Jasmine’s spent over ten years developing start-ups and trained the hundreds of new employees that have come through in two businesses and six international markets during that time. Trained in management, motivation, psychology, counselling, NLP and hypnosis, she’s both the author and trainer for the Sales Unveiled programs:
• In-house and virtual corporate training
• Online course program ‘Sales Unveiled’
• Finding your corporate ‘why’. Ideal for directors to ensure that future hires share the same underlying purpose and beliefs. This cuts down on staff turnover and increases retention, as well as creating stronger engagement with consumers.

Examples of what is included:

1. The current perception of sales

2. Creating a first impression that counts

3. Vocal training

4. Creating trust

5. Creating Value

6. Creating Urgency

7. Mindset

8. Counselling techniques using active listening methods

9. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

10. Principles of persuasion

11. Storytelling

12. Our love of reasons

13. Emotional motivators

14. Different buying styles with colour coding

15. Creating emotion

16. Embedded commands and other NLP techniques

17. Loss aversion

18. FBI behavioural change stairway model

The ideal outcome from completing an initial business consultation with you will be to find out what you’re doing well and what can be improved.

The focus will then be tailoring training workshops on areas that can be improved the fastest; ones that will result in the largest difference in conversion and revenue.

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