Permaculture Systems

Permaculture Systems

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Permaculture Systems BHT201

Permacature is a revolutionary, productive, ethical and environmentally sensitive approach to developing and managing the environment It is relevant to any size property from small urban houses to large rural farms.
Permaculture has a huge following globally both in developed and developing countries, and has been instrumental in bringing about dramatic changes in the lives and overall wellbeing of tens of thousands of people
This course is the best starting point you may find to launch intro either a new career, or more simply a new way of living.

Develop the student’s ability to independently prepare plans for a permaculture system appropriate for particular environments and sites.

The course is divided into eight lessons as follows:

  1. Permaculture Principles
  2. Natural Systems
  3. Zone & Sector Planning
  4. Permaculture Techniques
  5. Animals in Permaculture
  6. Plants in Permaculture
  7. Appropriate Technologies
  8. Preparing a Plan

Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted, marked and returned with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.

Cours Aims

  • Explain the principles of permaculture
  • Explain the concepts of natural systems.
  • Explain permaculture techniques - involving zones and sector planning.
  • Explain a range of permaculture techniques: (forest plantings, mandala gardens, etc).
  • Explain the significance of different animals in a permaculture system.
  • Select plants appropriate for inclusion in a permaculture system, to supply a useful and sustained harvest; explain their husbandry.
  • Select appropriate technologies for use in permaculture systems.
  • Draw permaculture designs (plans) to scale.

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