Proficiency Award 3 in Management

Proficiency Award 3 in Management

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Proficiency Award 3 in Management VBS009

Management skills are always in high demand, but for a successful career in management, you will require not only knowledge and skill, but an appropriate personality and a depth of experience to draw from to make the right decision for each situation you confront. 

This course is great value for money, and offers highly qualified tutors who are still very much active in management.

Course Structure

You must complete all assignments and pass exams for 20 modules, plus a practical industry project eg. Industry Conferences / Seminars/ Meetings  (100 hours). These studies can be undertaken and completed anywhere in the world.

  • Greater Fleaxability and more options than most courses: Some of these modules may be swapped with others if appropriate to your needs, and the swap is approved by a tutor in our academic department.

Core Modules:    These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Proficiency Award 3 In Management.

  •      Industry Project BIP000
  •      Business Studies BBS101
  •      Financial (Money) Management BBS104
  •      Industrial Psychology BPS103
  •      Introduction To Psychology BPS101
  •      Leadership BBS110
  •      Management VBS105
  •      Marketing Foundations VBS109
  •      Personnel Management VBS107
  •      Research Project I BGN102
  •      Workplace Health & Safety VBS103
  •      Advertising and Promotions BBS202
  •      Project Management BBS201
  •      Research Project II BGN201
  •      Professional Practice For Consultants BBS301

Elective Modules:    In addition to the core modules, students study any 6 of the following 15 modules.

  •      Bookkeeping Foundations BBS103
  •      Instructional Skills BGN101
  •      Legal Terminology BWR108
  •      Sales Management BBS102
  •      Sales Skills VBS108
  •      Stress Management VPS100
  •      Supervision VBS104
  •      Computer Servicing I VIT203
  •      Computer Servicing II VIT204
  •      Conservation and Environmental Management BEN201
  •      Developmental Psychology BPS210
  •      Relationships & Communication Counselling BPS208
  •      Business Coaching BBS304
  •      Business Planning BBS302
  •      Marketing Systems BBS303 

Note that each module in the Proficiency Award 3 In Management is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

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