Play Leadership

Play Leadership

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Play Leadership

To develop knowledge and skills related to the planning and leadership of play activities, principally for children, but also for other ages.


There are ten lessons in this course, plus one special project, as follows:

1          Understanding Play: To explain the purpose of play in the cognitive, physical and social development of a child

2.         Leadership Skills: To determine the skills required to carry out a play leadership role in different situations.

3.         Planning Play Programs: To develop a plan for a supervised children’s play program.

4.         Child Development through Play: To develop a basic understanding of the impact of play upon the psychological development of a child 

5.         Play Safety: To determine appropriate measures to take to protect a child’s safety when at play, while minimising any interference which might diminish the quality of the play experience.

6.         Physical Play: To develop an understanding of options for physical play activities, including games and sports, in a supervised play program.

7.         Social Play: To develop an understanding of options for social play activities, in a supervised play program.

8.         Adventure Play:To develop a basic ability to plan, establish and manage a supervised adventure playground.

9.         Play Apparatus:To develop an ability to evaluate a range of different play apparatus, including playground structures, toys, sports equipment, commenting on quality, safety features, appropriate applications and cost benefit.

10.              Activities: To broaden your scope of opportunities that can be offered for children to play, appropriate to a wide range of different situations.

11.              Special Project

What will you do in this course:

Talk to someone involved in play leadership. You might talk to a kindergarten teacher, a primary school teacher, a local council recreation officer, someone from a playgrounds association, etc. Find out what they do, and how they do it? What type of programs do they run, etc?

Visit an agency or organisation of some sort that is involved with play leadership provision (eg. a play group, kindergarten, recreation centre, day care centre, etc).

Write a report on your visit.

Consider how are they organised? How many staff do they have? What is the purpose of the agency, etc?

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