Proficiency Award 2 in Media

Proficiency Award 2 in Media

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Proficiency Award 2 In Media VPH003

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This course is designed as a basis for a career in either electronic or print media / publishing.

The course aims to provide the necessary skills to work in a publishing organisation.

Research has shown that graduates with broad based knowledge such as this have enhanced career prospects.

This course sets you on a path that could take you in any direction you hope to go in the world of media, locally, nationally or internationally.

Core Modules:
These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Proficiency Award 2 In Media.

  • Industry Project BIP000
  • Editing I (Editing and Proofreading) BWR106
  • Freelance Writing BWR102
  • Html (Writing a Website) VIT102
  • Introduction To Photography BPH100
  • Photographic Practice BPH101
  • Publishing I BWR107
  • Research Project I BGN102
  • Advanced Freelance Writing BWR201
  • Advertising and Promotions BBS202
  • Photographic Technology BPH201
  • Photoshop CS - Beginner To Medium Level VIT202
  • Publishing II BWR202 

Elective Modules:
In addition to the core modules, students study any 2 of the following 14 modules.

  • Childrens Writing BWR104
  • E Commerce BIT100
  • Flash CS BIT102
  • Photographing People BPH102
  • Visual Basic.Net BIT101
  • Workshop I BGN103
  • ASP.NET BIT200
  • Journalism Practice I BWR203
  • Photographic Lighting BPH204
  • Editing II BWR302
  • Editing Practice BWR305
  • Photojournalism Practice I BPH302
  • Publishing III BWR303
  • Technical Writing (Advanced) BWR301

Note that each module in the Proficiency Award 2 In Media is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

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