Proficiency Award II of Counselling and Psychology

Proficiency Award II of Counselling and Psychology

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Proficiency Award II in Counselling and Psychology, online, study online, study at home.

The knowledge and skills you gain in this course can be used in many different contexts. People with a background in counselling and psychology are highly valued in most workplaces - giving the graduate great opportunities. Many graduates will apply their new knowledge to their existing job roles - psychology and counselling skills can be used in a wide variety of industries, from child care and nursing to car sales and marketing. Other graduates will use their greater level of understanding of themselves and others to discover great personal development and improved relationships.

Six Core Modules: The course is sequenced so that foundation knowledge and skills are established through completion of the core unit modules.  Students will be expected to complete these modules before undertaking any of the other course components. 

Six Elective Modules: Elective studies will broaden foundation knowledge and skills into other areas which are of value to persons working in one or several sectors of counselling.  They give the student the opportunity to study areas that are of interest to them.

Research Projects: Successive ‘research projects’ will build on and reinforce the core learning.  Each research project is 100 hours duration and contains 2 parts: the first part assists the student in developing research skills, whilst the second part involves carrying out a relevant research project.

Research Project I: This develops the student’s ability to plan and conduct research, and involves a minor statistical research project and report.

Research Project II: This further develops the student’s ability to monitor and evaluate a common process (or processes) relevant to their studies.

Workshops: Workshops and assessment of student practical skills must be completed after the student has passed the core modules of this course. Alternatively, the student may undertake this after completing all study modules.

 Workshops should make up 100 hours of relevant industry experience which may be undertaken anywhere in the world. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange attendance at workshops and to meet any costs incurred, whether at the school or elsewhere. However, the school will seek to assist students who are having difficulty finding suitable experience. Students may choose to set up their own workshops with an assessor or they may prefer to attend workshops which have already been established by counselling organisations or individuals in their own country.

You may choose to complete the workshop experience in a variety of ways.

  1. One to one tuition.
  2. Approved work placement.
  3. Small group seminars with approved trainer.

Whilst the school strongly advocates attendance at workshops to fulfil the supervised training aspect of the course, this may not always be possible. In that case, it may acceptable to complete the practical component by undergoing supervised training with an established counselling organisation.

Core Modules:    These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Proficiency Award II In Counselling & Psychology.

  •      Counselling Skills I BPS109
  •      Counselling Skills II BPS110
  •      Introduction To Psychology BPS101
  •      Psychology & Counselling BPS102
  •      Counselling Techniques BPS206
  •      Professional Practice in Counselling BPS207

Elective Modules:    In addition to the core modules, students study any 6 of the following 17 modules.

  •      Aromatherapy VHT104
  •      Biopsychology I BPS108
  •      Child Psychology BPS104
  •      Health & Fitness I BRE101
  •      Human Nutrition 1 BRE102
  •      Industrial Psychology BPS103
  •      Marketing Psychology BPS107
  •      Sports Psychology BPS106
  •      Stress Management VPS100
  •      Adolescent Psychology BPS211
  •      Aged Care and Counselling BPS212
  •      Conflict Management BPS201
  •      Family Counselling BPS213
  •      Grief Counselling BPS209
  •      Relationships & Communication Counselling BPS208
  •      Crisis Counselling BPS304
  •      Life Coaching BPS305

Note that each module in the Proficiency Award II In Counselling & Psychology is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

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